Meaning Of Custom Hydraulic Cylinder, Its Main Uses And Advantages

Designed to transform hydraulic force or energy into mechanical force, the bespoke hydraulic cylinder is also a linear hydraulic motor. When using oil as a fluid to ensure its proper functioning, the custom-made hydraulic cylinder has, in its constitution: Sleeve, Rod, Piston, Guide bush, Front head, Rear head, Seals, Tie rods, or screws depending on the model and standardized fixings or as needed.

Main Uses Of The Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Found in the industry like cylinders inc in general, the customized hydraulic cylinder is very common in the automobile segment, auto parts and plastic, paper and cellulose injection industry; food industry, agro-industry, construction companies, pavers, and companies dealing with heavy engineering, such as underground works and buildings; mobile line (backhoe, excavator, wheel loader and derivatives); mining, steel, hydroelectric and naval industry.

Custom Adaptation – Advantages Of The Hydraulic Cylinder

The custom-made hydraulic cylinder is an excellent alternative for companies that mainly aim at productivity and savings when purchasing and maintaining their equipment. The customized hydraulic cylinder has highly significant performances in industries of the most varied sizes-small, medium, or large – since the equipment can be manufactured according to the project stipulated by the customer.

Designed to guarantee productive, fast systems that optimize the industry’s time, the custom-made hydraulic cylinder can also be found in different models, according to your specifications. Thus, they are classified as:

  • Simple effect or action: returning through gravity or springs;
  • Double action: more common in industrial processes;
  • Telescope: has one or more rods in its composition.

Hydraulic Cylinder Value And Other Important Information

When looking for a hydraulic cylinder, the value varies from one specialized manufacturer to another. Also, according to the model chosen by the customer, it is possible to find a small, medium, and large hydraulic cylinders on the market. It is worth mentioning that the hydraulic cylinder can be produced in a personalized way, that is, according to each client’s project.

In addition, it is also important to emphasize that the hydraulic cylinder of fair value is produced according to strict quality control in modern factories, with state-of-the-art machinery, all of which guarantee the safety of the processes to which the component will be applied. In addition, all types of cylinders are manufactured following industry safety standards, such as ISO and similar standards.

Manufacturers at cylinders inc specializing in competitive value hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders invest in the quality of their parts. All cylinder models are produced from very resistant material, so the service life is long, and the cost-effectiveness is excellent.

In addition to producing market value hydraulic cylinders with excellent quality, specialist manufacturers offer maintenance and repair services for both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The main advantage of opting for repair is the savings generated since it is not necessary to invest in purchasing a new product.

Many professionals look for the hydraulic cylinder for value because of its qualities. This type of cylinder features good power and high speed, with flexible assembly, facilitating the perfect fit in various machines.

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