Job Interview Tips: What you Need to Know

If you are about to finish your formal education and are looking forward to working for a living, the next hurdle is finding an employer and as so many others are also pitching to get that perfect job, you really do need to prepare for job interviews.

Here are a few tips to help you present the best version of you to potential employers.

  • Your appearance – Make sure that you look smart; a haircut and a shine on your shoes; it’s important to feel good about your look and this will stand you in good stead. Get dressed up and ask a friend for their opinion and make suitable changes.
  • Do your homework – Ask any seasoned interviewer and they’ll tell you they are impressed when an interviewee demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the company and with the Internet, you can do this very easily.
  • Prepare a couple of questions – Towards the end of the interview, you will be given an opportunity to ask questions and this is a golden opportunity to score a few points. Of course, you need to ask the right questions; enquire about personal development opportunities and the potential for growth within the organization and avoid salary or benefits questions.
  • Prepare a Professional resume – Your resume is an important document, not just for the personal information it contains, it also gives the interviewer an insight into your work standards. Anything less than a professional resume will not do you any favors and you can find an online provider that has a few design templates. Print on good quality paper and double check for any errors. If, for example, you studied at an international school in Bangkok, this would tell the interviewer you have had a top academic education and all your academic details should be listed.
  • Hobbies & interests – This is one area when the truth might need to be amended; sleeping and watching TV are not considered positive ways to spend your time, while computer programming, sports, reading and anything that carries some form of personal development is fine.
  • No time for modesty – If ever there’s a time to blow your own trumpet, this would be it! Mention that you are a winner and love a challenge and point out any noticeable achievements; when asked if you have experience and the answer is a negative, do add that although you have no experience, you are a quick learner.

Remember that you are trying to present the very best you without straying too far from the truth and this should give you a few stars next to your name after the interview is over.

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