How To Re-organise Your Workspace

Do you need to increase the available workstations or private areas? Want a more modern aesthetic look to your office or planning a move into a new building? A solution available to you would be to re-organise the workspace using a partitioning system; they offer multiple benefits to any working environment. Many suitable suppliers now provide site visits, complete design process, an installation by qualified technicians and a period of aftercare; let’s take a look at how to find an excellent interior installation company in your area.

Finding The Best Fit

It’s a relatively simple process to find companies in your area using partitioning systems, using your favoured search engine and type in office partitioning in Swindon (for example). This should give you some examples, take some time to view their websites and having narrowed your list down to one or two options, you can review their performance using sites such as Trustpilot or Feefo. Using these tips should give you an excellent local supplier to speak with; it’s worth then looking at what partitioning systems are available and might be best for you and your business.

Systems At Your Disposal

Partitioning systems can offer any workplace an intelligent solution; whether you need to create more workstations as you increase staff or require additional private spaces, they use various materials to create a modern, aesthetically pleasing environment. These can include –

  • Glass Partitions
  • Drywall Partitions
  • Demountable partitions
  • Fire Rated partitions

A Clear Winner

Many businesses are choosing glass or glazed partitions for their offices, available in single, double-glazed or curved options to suit any budget; they are the perfect choice to create the ideal open plan feel to any workplace. A glazed partitioning system also improves acoustic and fire resistance by utilising laminated safety glass; it is also possible to have integral blinds with controls installed for additional privacy if required. Glass partitions allow natural light to flow through the work area, improving both employees output and wellbeing.

Drywall Partitions as An Alternative

The Drywall partition is an excellent, professional-looking option that uses a 12.5mm plasterboard installed on an aluminium framed head and track system; it can be filled with cavity insulation which can improve on its already excellent acoustic performance. Easily fitted, it is a versatile, lightweight system that can transform open plan spaces into more private areas.

The Demountable Partition

This type of partition differs from others in that it can be moved easily as your needs change; available in several modular options, it is a supremely versatile choice. Utilising an aluminium framework and internal honeycomb plasterboard can be decorated with many assorted vinyl wall coverings to be aesthetically pleasing. A further bonus is that the demountable partition is classed as ‘plant and machinery and can be subject to tax benefits; for information, click here.

Access The Benefits on Offer

So, that’s the main types of partitioning systems on offer; all bring with them enormously beneficial advantages such as flexibility of workspace, cost-effectiveness and improved aesthetics. These improvements can impress and uplift your employees, visiting clients and potential customers. Look into office partitioning today!

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