How to Prepare for an Office Relocation

If business is booming and you are trying to manage an expansion plan without impacting the business, office relocation is probably on the menu. This would involve a lot of forethought regarding location and in order to help you make the transition to your new headquarters, here are a few tips.

  • Outsource the entire project – Whether you are looking for office removal in Melbourne or Sydney, we recommend using an established commercial removal outfit, as they have the know-how and the resources to carry out the move according to the agreed timeline. This is a one-stop solution and the professionals pack everything, leaving your employees free to focus on their job.
  • Create lists – There will be items that are rarely used and these can be packed in advance, which makes the move a little bit easier. The contractor can pack a lot of things in advance, with labels on boxes for correct placement and when the new office becomes available, these items can be moved ahead of time.
  • Confirm utility connections – Prior to the big day, you should check that all utilities are connected; this can be done by making a phone call a few days before moving day. As well as checking that the utilities in the old location are terminated, which removes all liability. This would include your Internet connection, which needs to be activated ahead of your arrival.
  • Preclean – The new office location should be professionally cleaned prior to arrival of people and equipment, even if the building is new and has never been occupied, it should be thoroughly cleaned prior to moving in. There are commercial cleaners who can carry out this job for you, plus they can also clean the old office premises, which should be done out of courtesy to the new occupants.
  • Packing – The smart thing to do is have the office removal contractor handle the packing; that way, you can rest assured that nothing gets overlooked. The professionals use coded colour labels that clearly describe the contents and they never break anything and are insured in case they do.

Start by searching online for local commercial removal companies and make contact with established contractors, asking for quotes. In order to quote for an office removal project, the contractor needs to pay you a visit and collect the data they need to be able to quote a price.

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