Different Types Of Partitions You Can Use In Your Office Renovation

When you are designing the layout of your new office space, there are many options for partitions to divide the areas up in your workplace. Partitions are a much more cost-effective solution than building permanent walls, and many options are available when you want to use partitions in your office space. Whatever aesthetics you want to create and whatever your budget, there is a suitable option available that can help transform your office. Below are a few options for partitioning that may suit your office and help you create the perfect working environment.

Sliding Partitions

An affordable type of partition you can use to divide two spaces is sliding partitions, which you commonly find in leisure centres, canteens, large office spaces, and community centres. The partitions can slide open and join two spaces, or you can close them to make two separate rooms. They are an affordable option for your office, but plenty of alternatives are available if you are looking for something sleek and stylish.

Single-Glazed Partitions

When your office space is particularly dark, rather than having opaque partitions that block the light, consider using glass partitioning from Glass Partitioning UK to divide the space and maximise the natural light. Single-glazed partitions are a cost-effective solution that look fantastic when installed and can help you create an excellent-looking workplace. However, if your office is also loud, you may want to consider some alternatives.

Double & Triple-Glazed Partitions

When your office space requires additional thermal and acoustic insulation, you can use double-glazed or triple-glazed partitions in your office. These are more costly than single-glazed units, but they can help reduce noise levels and ensure your office stays warm when it gets cold outside. They also look fantastic and allow plenty of natural light to get into your office, which is also better for your employee’s comfort and productivity levels.

Demountable Partitions

Another option you can consider is demountable partitions; there are demountable glass partitions you can also consider using. An excellent benefit of using these partitions is that you can take them down and rearrange them, which is ideal when your office layout is prone to change. There are also tax incentives for using this type of partition, as you can claim capital allowances tax against them.

Switchable Glass Partitions

A Snazzy option you can consider for your meeting room or boardroom is switchable glass partitions, which can give you privacy when you need it at the touch of a button. The glass partitions can be kept transparent, allowing lots of light in, and when you need privacy for a meeting, you can press the button that turns them opaque. They are a pricier option to consider, but they can help you make an excellent first impression when your office has visitors.

Above are a few options of partitions you can use in your office renovation, but there are other options, such as drywall and curved glass. Ensure you use the services of a quality company to supply and install your preferred partitioning system, and you can create the ideal office environment for your business.

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