Would You Like to Base Your Business in Switzerland?

Over 40,000 companies establish themselves in Switzerland annually. This alpine nation is one place where both entrepreneurs and investors will find a receptive business welcome. While Switzerland may be a small country – big things do come in small packages. According to one index created by the WIPO, or World Intellectual Organisation, Switzerland continues to rank on top with respect to innovation.

Setting up a Business in Switzerland

If you need to build and maintain a network in your field or industry, a company formation in Switzerland makes this possible. Besides being a home to a large number of banks, Switzerland provides a base for companies in various sectors, including the financial services industry, insurance, food and beverages, commodities, and pharmaceuticals. Also, many international businesses have established their European headquarters in Switzerland.

People in business like Switzerland because of its political stability. Corruption is not an issue in the country, as any communications with public officials remains transparent. Swiss laws have been passed that charge businesses for active and passive bribery. Also, the tax administration in Switzerland has not been impacted by corruption. Because of the country’s political stability and low level of corruption, it fosters a safe and transparent business climate.

Ask for Help in Setting up Your Business

If you wish to form a Swiss-based company, you can find the means to do so, as well as plenty of good reasons. You can obtain help for forming a company by contacting a business that handles Swiss company formations and administration.

This type of company takes total instructions from the client, and offers various options when preparing Fiduciary and Legal Agreements. You can also count on the company to open any capital bank accounts and prepare the incorporation documentation, including the all important Memorandum and Articles of Association, composed in German. You will need to have help with your company’s commercial registration. This is vital if you wish to begin trading.

Establishing a Business Takes Less Than a Month

When you form a company in Switzerland, it generally takes about two to three weeks – a relatively short time when you have the professional help you need. After your company has been incorporated and registered, you will need to arrange for several post-incorporation activities. By going through a company that handles these details, you can get everything done on your behalf.

For instance, one of the activities is setting up a chart of accounts, as well as an accounting mandate. Under the Swiss legal system, all business accounting records must be set up and maintained in Switzerland.

Also, you will need to prepare a summary budget that will be used for your first year of trading. When you have an expert handle these details, you can more easily move into the administration stage. The same company can help you with ongoing administration – all which is covered under an administration contract.

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