What are the Pros, Cons and Application of Dry Type Transformers?

Dry type transformer don’t need any kind of insulated liquid where the winding with core of this transformer can be immersed. Instead, the windings with the core is preserved within a tank which is sealed tight with air pressure.

Advantages of Dry Type Transformers

  1. It keeps the people and property safe
  2. This solution needs no maintenance and leaves no residual that leads to pollution
  3. It is easily installable
  4. The side clearance is less
  5. This transformer is ecofriendly
  6. This reduces the cost on civil installation and fire protection systems
  7. In case of any kind of seismic events, its performance is excellent nonetheless
  8. There is no kind of fire hazard with this transformer
  9. These transformers are totally short circuit current resistant
  10. They are durable because of low thermal and dielectric heating
  11. It is ideal for damp and contaminated areas.

Disadvantages of Dry Type Transformers

  1. Certainly dry type transformers are durable and have less chances of ending up in a winding failure. However, once it fails, the whole set up needs to be changed. In other words, the high voltage and low voltage winding with limb entirely.
  2. For the exact power and voltage rating, these transformers are expensive than the oil cooled transformer.

Applications of Dry Type Transformers

  1. Dry type transformers are used in chemical, oil, and gas industries
  2. They are also used in environmentally sensitive locations like water protection sites
  3. They are also useful in fire risk areas like forests
  4. They are also installed in inner city substations
  5. Not to forget, indoor and underground substations as well
  6. They are also used in renewable generation like the off shore wind turbines.

Advantages of Cast Resin Dry Transformer

  1. These transformers have better over load capacity
  2. They also leave a low partial discharge with low amount of loss. Hence, the efficiency is at paramount.
  3. Like the non-inflammable winding insulation, there is no risk to a fire hazard as well. So, it can be safely installed inside.

Advantages of Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Transformer

  1. It has a high mechanical strength
  2. It has a void free insulation as well
  3. This transformer promises zero temperature fluctuations
  4. It is easy to maintain
  5. It offers a very low chance of a fire hazard.

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