The Serviced Offices Advantage

Everybody is looking at business differently these days. There has been a paradigm shift, and traditional ideas are no longer as tried and true as they once were. At the same time, some companies have chosen to go entirely virtual. Others have found that serviced offices provide the right mix of flexibility to suit their needs. A serviced office offers freedom long-term leases and the hassles of property management. It also provides the ability to up or downsize your office requirement to match the current business realities.

  • Economical: It used to be that a commercial lease or property purchase would generate such high overhead that many business ideas were dead before they got started. Both choices represented a considerable commitment and took a massive bite out of profitability. Often companies ended up paying for space they weren’t entirely using or found they couldn’t afford to upgrade. With serviced offices, businesses have many more choices regarding the length of contract and office space to rent. In addition, it is now possible to make changes and add services, like reception and meeting rooms.
  • Shared Spaces: One of the advantages of serviced offices is that independents and small companies can create shared spaces and have all the benefits of a full-sized office but only pay a portion of the costs. Co-working spaces are becoming very popular, and it is a real game-changer for creative people to have the ability to network and become a more significant presence in their field.
  • Expand to New Markets: Moving to a new area has the same disadvantages as starting from scratch. But renting a portion of a serviced office nearly eliminates most of the challenges. Today, you can easily test run a business idea in a new area without committing to years of punishing overhead. Additionally, you will get a local address, which gives you favourability in new markets because you will be local, technically.

Another benefit of serviced offices is that you can get your business operating quickly, without all the leasehold improvements and office furniture and equipment shopping. And when it is time to move on, you are not stuck with the hassle of moving or selling the equipment. It also gives you the ability to expand your workforce as opportunities arise. Just add another office. Serviced offices provide so many levels of flexibility that they should be the first choice for any business, especially one that is just starting out.

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