Say It With SMS!

Once upon a time, there were only two ways to communicate with someone over distances beyond shouting range- the post and the telephone. The post has been with us for centuries and has not gotten much faster over that time. The telephone was considered to be a great advance over telegrams, semaphores, and smoke signals, but it had disadvantages, too, namely long-distance rates. Then, like magic, along came the Internet and everything changed! Email was the next big thing, like the post, but with instant gratification! Once you hit ‘send’ your message was in the recipient’s inbox a scant second later! Plus, no long-distance rates applied, you only needed to pay the monthly ISP bill. Then came smartphones, making it so teenagers no longer needed extra-long phone cords to take the receiver from its wall mount in the hallway into the bathroom to get some privacy when talking to their sweethearts. The first mobile phones were great, but there was still room for improvement, and the smartphone was born. Now you could not only talk but send written messages from your phone, spawning new generations of people who can walk along whilst typing into a little box in their hand!

We have been kidding around a bit, but in all seriousness SMS, which stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting, is a wonderful communication tool and is so incredibly popular for some good reasons, like being an extremely convenient way to contact someone on the go without actually having to speak with them! You can now perform all kinds of useful tasks with SMS, for example, say that you aren’t feeling well- just click here for SMS healthcare, and you can be instantly connected to your medical provider! You can make appointments, receive appointment reminders, medication reminders, health check-up notifications, and even get updates on test results, all whilst sitting on the bus or strolling through the mall!

SMS messaging is of course a great way to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones, but where the technology is really beginning to make an impact is on business, especially in regards to the all-important art and science of marketing. Here are some of the reasons why SMS has become the apple of the business world’s eye!

SMS messages are:

Cheap- There are no other marketing methods that provide such low-cost results, being far less expensive than radio, television, or print media.

Fast- Messages arrive in seconds, and your marketing info will reach your clients almost as soon as you press send. Moreover, you can start to see the results almost immediately since 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them!

Direct- It is estimated that 95% of adults keep their mobile phone on or near their person 24/7, so they will have access to your message right away!

So, SMS messages are here to stay, and the best way to communicate for fun and profit!


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