How Protective Coatings Can Prolong the Life of your Factory

We all know just how destructive the Australian climate can be and if you own a warehouse or factory, exterior maintenance is always a concern. Industrial paints have been developed in recent years and combined with protective coatings, these new products can extend the life of your facility.

Corrosion Control

Most steel warehouses and factories require protection against corrosion and this is a job for industrial painters in Perth, who use the best products to protect surfaces against the harsh elements. A quick Google search will help you find an industrial painting contractor and you can discuss the latest paints and protective coating solutions.

Range of Specialist Coatings

As you would expect, there is a range of industrial coatings, which include the following:

  • Zinc coatings.
  • Epoxy primers.
  • High temperature coatings.
  • Polyurethane coatings.
  • Iron oxide coatings.
  • Siloxane coatings.
  • Non-slip coatings.

The contractor is very knowledgeable regarding the types of coatings and can recommend the best for your premises.

Energy Saving

If your factory is coated with a reflective heat coating, this can save you a lot on climate control costs, as it reflects much of the sun’s rays rather than absorbing the heat. Every business owner is looking for ways to reduce outgoings and this is certainly one way to do just that, and the type of coating would depend on the material used. The contractor might recommend several coats and when asking contractors to quote, ask a few local companies to quote for the project, as this gives you a cross section of prices and products.

Fire Coatings

Fire is always a concern and the latest generation of protective coatings offer great fire protection, with intumescent paint, which is a good fire retardant. As the temperature increases, the coating physically expands and its density becomes stronger, and more resistant to fire. If you would like to know more about fire resistant coatings, a Google search will help you locate a local industrial painter who would have all the solutions.

The Benefits of Fire Coatings

Applying fire resistant coatings offers the following benefits:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Offers top fire protection.
  • Improve safety conditions for employees.

Rather than simply ordering a repaint of your factory or warehouse, talk to an industrial painter about state-of-the-art protective coatings and see what they can do for your business. It makes perfect sense to protect your investment and if you can save money on climate control, even better.

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