Don’t Miss These Tips For Ordering Customized Retail Boxes!

Brands often spend millions on marketing and promoting a product, but what matters equally, if not more, is the packaging. Retail packaging obviously has evolved with time, and the recent trends are quite interesting. If you want to order retail corrugated boxes, we have a few tips below for your help.

  • Customized in the true sense. Often, manufacturers and brands make a huge deal about customizing a product box. To be fair, boxes are typically custom-made for each product. Customization only makes sense when the design remains true to the brand. When a customer sees the product, they should be able to identify the brand, even when there are 30 different products on the same shelf.
  • Make boxes usable. Every brand has the responsibility to reduce waste that goes into the landfill, and in that context, offer reusable retail boxes is a great idea. Many buyers also see the box as an extra inclusion, which adds to brand value. Think of subscription boxes for instance – The reusable ones are always in demand.
  • Order in bulk. Reducing the cost of packaging is always a priority, and to make that happen, the best thing you can do is order in bulk. Manufacturers of retail boxes would offer a discount when the count is huge, and some of them even have storage options. You can choose to stock the boxes with the packaging partner before use.

  • Don’t forget the product requirements. Innovation does matter for packaging, but when it comes to customized retail boxes, product is the most important factor. For example, if you use a big box for a small product, you will have to spend more on inner cushioning material, so that the product doesn’t move around. Shape, size, dimensions and nature of a product should determine the box design.
  • Keep the design simple. Just because you are tailoring the box for the product doesn’t mean that the packaging has to be complicated or overloaded with information. In fact, customized retail boxes need to be simplistic. Minimalism is the trend at the moment, and if you don’t opt for expensive printing, you can also save on the costs.

If you are availing customized boxes from a manufacturer for the first time, we recommend that you check their expertise and ask for samples. It is also a good idea to consider a small order, so that you can test their services.

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