Do You Still Need a Physical Office Space


  • The digital age has revolutionized the world to such a degree that some things we thought were foundational, are now being questioned. The geography of our world is less and less important, but our connectivity is increasingly critical. One of the things being done away with is physical office space. The lockdowns were a wake up call, but the trend had been coming along before Covid19. The fact is that physical office space can be expensive, inconvenient, and totally unnecessary. Here are some reasons to consider a virtual office.
  • Costs: How much money could you be saving if you weren’t paying for an office space? Do you really need all those rooms or cubicles? How much work could your employees be doing from home? Is your team more efficient together, or are some of them better suited to work in a private environment? Common expenses connected to traditional office spaces are rent, phone and internet services, parking, commuting, and taxes. Moving to a virtual office can eliminate many of those costs. Or replace them with more affordable options. You can find serviced offices in Gordon.
  • Flexibility: How flexible is your business day. Do you have an essential commute at a precise time? Is your client base near to your physical location? Some people have discovered, because of lockdowns, that they can be more efficient without needing to be at the office all the time. A flexible schedule gives you an opportunity to gain more family time, without sacrificing work.
  • Keeping up with technology: A virtual office is by nature, highly connected and integrated with the latest programs and intranet technology. Antiquated business practises can be modernized to help a company become lightweight efficient and flexible. While at the same time shedding costs.
  • Meetings: Companies still need to get together, and you will always need to meet with clients or agents from time to time. Virtual office providers can set you up with office space, board rooms, and meeting rooms, for variable time periods to suit your needs. Other services that can be arranged are copying and even business signage.

One thing we can be sure of is, short of an apocalypse, we are going to keep working through digital conduits. It makes sense to make a full assessment of your company’s practices and decide when you will move towards a more complete virtual presence. We will always need brick and mortar locations, but keeping up in this era, means cutting costs and increasing your digital strength.

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