Concrete Erosion Control Matting & Its Applications

Erosion control matting is a type of temporary slope stabilization measure which allows seeded vegetation for growing through the mat. Erosion control matting with EARTHLOK can even be used for stabilizing storm-water channels or several other areas that are often subject to flowing water occasionally. These flexible concrete mats are revolutionary and Australian-made solutions to erosion issues.

There is a huge range of applications where concrete mats are used; however, it is most commonly used for efficient erosion control. EARTHLOK concrete mats are mainly used in controlling erosion on slopes, channels, outlet protection, shoreline protection and several other applications. They provide permanent hard armor protection, having a natural vegetated appearance.

Here are some concrete mat applications:

  • Waterways and embankments

Concrete mats are often used to protect riverbanks, channels, embankments, spillways, abutments, outlets, culverts and much more, while also preserving their environment naturally.

The low-profile intercepts logs or debris from catching on the concrete mat and also helps in keeping the waterway open.

  • Permanent & landfills erosion solutions

EARTHLOK’s 50 Mpa concrete mats can be driven on and need minimal evacuation as compared to rip rap. These mats could also be used as temporary roadways, especially in wet weather months and even for boat ramps. The anti-erosion mats shore up access ways, thus minimizing the risk of any site closure and loss of progress as well.

  • Temporary roadways, boat ramps & site access

Concrete mats offer a permanent solution to all those familiar issues like landfill erosion. EARTHLOK erosion control mattings are used for protecting landfills from erosion.

The following are some other great uses of concrete matting:

  • Easy maintenance – as commercial mowers can be used
  • An aesthetic solution as it blends with most natural surroundings
  • Environmental-friendly as well, as animals can walk across
  • Most cost-effective solution to minor or severe erosion needs
  • Simple and fast installation as roll design makes efficient installation
  • It improves safety as it is safe to drive or walk across
  • Highly resistant to all weather conditions and to wet, dry as well.
  • The most versatile solution as these flexible mats conform to your existing ground contours, thus minimizing site preparation
  • Help to reduce the cost of construction – less labor, faster project, and low material cost.
  • Mats can even be removed and then reused on future sites too
  • Concrete mats can be mowed over with the help of commercial equipment or even left as it is, to grow wild.

Why you must use concrete mats?

The quality and high-strength material which goes into creating these erosion control systems are what exactly makes such a versatile, functional, and sustainable product. Other advantages of using concrete matting are – easily maintained, cost-effective solution, weather-proof, provides utmost safety, reusable and removable and safe, the best quality as well.

When you choose erosion control matting with EARTHLOK, they are not only environmentally friendly but cost-effective as well. The best part of EARTHLOK concrete mats is that they could be customized to design specifications.

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