Budget Friendly Marketing Tips Every Small Business Should Follow

Marketing a business is a big deal and is necessary to survive in the market as well. Simply being promoted by word of mouth is not enough. Hence, marketing can be a tad bit difficult for small businesses as it may need some amount of money invested to gain some leads. As such businesses have limited budgets, investing in various marketing media in Singapore is a pretty big deal for them. This article enlists some of the budget friendly marketing tips for small businesses.

  1. Always carry business cards

Business card is one of the easiest ways to exchange information along with some credibility and professionalism. You can meet a lot of clients, vendors or employees anywhere, so you might want to be prepared for this. Ensure that it aligns with your branding and bears your name, contact details, website and social profiles. You can also add your LinkedIn profile if you are active on that too.

  1. Network

This can be done online or in person. You can leverage your network according to the worth and see better results. Your network trusts you as they know that your business is open and you can deliver what they need. They will also refer other businesses to get in touch with you if they have any requirements.

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