4 Things Large Enterprises Need for Their Cloud Storage

Many different company sizes can benefit from cloud storage. Whether you’re a one-person small business or you’re a gigantic enterprise with thousands of employees, you may need to get cloud storage for your business. In fact, enterprises can often end up saving even more time and money with cloud storage services. If you’re a large business that’s looking into cloud storage, here are four things you really want to check for.

  1. Durability and Reliability

Obviously, durability and reliability are immensely important when it comes to cloud storage. Cloud storage is something that you should be able to rely on just like the hard drive of your computer. In fact, you may even want to rely on cloud storage even more than your computer’s hard drive. Regardless of your data size or the amount of times you have to upload and download content, you need to have faith in your cloud storage services to provide you the information you need. 

  1. Data Centers in Different Areas

Multi-region data centers can be incredibly helpful for large companies. This is especially important if your company is centered in multiple different locations. A company in the EU trying to access data from the US will have longer download times; this can be avoided if you have a data center in the EU, which will allow you to download things much more quickly. If your company is spread out across the world, look to see whether your chosen cloud storage company has data centers in these other areas.

  1. Multi-Cloud Storage Options

Multi-cloud storage is one of the ways that you can most effectively separate different elements of cloud uploading for your company. A multi-cloud storage is what it sounds like – instead of uploading your documents all to a single cloud, you can create multiple different clouds to separate your documents in whatever way you find important for your company. Optimize it for easier data mobility, better performance, and cost that fits your budget.

  1. Compliance Programs for Different Needs

If your company is involved in any compliance programs, you need to make sure that your cloud storage measures up to those compliance programs. For example, if you handle any medical information, you’re going to need to make sure your cloud storage is HIPAA compliant. Make sure you know what compliance programs your company is part of so that you can double-check the cloud services you have are also compliant with these programs.


Large enterprises will always be looking for something different than what small businesses are looking for. These large enterprises deserve to have their needs met in the same way that small businesses do, even if those needs are different. These four things are all crucial if you’re hoping to get the best service for your company’s cloud services. If you can make sure your cloud storage services have these four things, you’ll be much more well-prepared for utilizing them as part of your company.

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